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Dear members of the Dae-Han Society of Industrial Management,

The Dae-Han Society of Industrial Management, which is composed of industry,
academia, and research institutes, was established in October 2002.
The Society was registered as an incorporated association
with the approval of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in February 2014.

In 2006-2007, the Society had academic exchanges with the Global Marketing Association,
which was led mainly by Japanese universities.
In the future, to enhance the quality of the Society, there is a plan to sign MOUs
with several universities abroad and hold international academic seminars and
conferences on industrial management.

In order to increase value in the future, the Society will strive
for “corporate growth and personal growth.
” With the social and technological paradigm shift,
today’s society has entered an era of convergence requiring cooperation combined with creativity.
In this era of convergence, companies should not only go beyond competing
only with a single product and individual technologies,
but also respond to future challenges and competitions
with integrated strategic innovation and competitiveness.

To achieve these goals and enhance the global competitiveness of Korean companies through
international academic seminars and activities of the committees of the Society, continuous efforts
will be made to systematically draw and use our collective wisdom and make the most of our resources
and capabilities to meet the needs of the society.

President of Dae Han Society of Industrial Management
Gyo-Seok Song

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